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Further to the steady growth of the forehearth line of business during the last five years and having realized how important are the refractory materials for the success of the forehearth as a system, since the beginning of 2016 Revimac has been focusing his activity to improve the control of the process of designing and manufacturing of refractory materials in order to grant the quality of the product and its duration in time.

The natural outcome of this effort is that a new company named FUSIONTEC has been founded by Revimac with the purpose to integrate under one roof all activities related to the industrial manufacturing of refractories as strategic component of the forehearth system, besides combustion and control equipment, that are a consolidated Revimac strong point ever since.

The area of the newly added facility, that is strategically and conveniently located next door to the Revimac plant is close to 3.000 m2, with a potential production capacity of nearly 4.000 ton per /year.
Massive investments have been made to create ex-novo the wooden patterns making shop, the automated pre-mix unit and the two large mixing stations for the raw materials, the three forming lines with vibrating roller tables, the five baking kilns equipped with independent loading carriage railways, the cutting and grinding machines for the surface machining, the laboratory facility and the design department.
All this is making Fusiontec one of the most modern and well equipped factories in the business nowadays.

As of now, the FUSIONTEC product range is including structural refractory materials, such as glass contact channel blocks and superstructure blocks for the forehearths.
Very soon a wide range of feeder expendables shall be added to the products portfolio for offering to the market a new “one stop shop” alternative.

Beside the quality of refractories, we have also focused our activity to design a new and competitive product in terms of price. The final result shall be the new FT Forehearth, that is going to be proposed in the near future by Fusiontec for market segments where the average capacity is ranging from small to medium, say from 20 to 80 ton/day for instance.
Nevertheless, the well established Revimac E-Forehearth will continue to be available for the high-end market segment with top performance expectations for heavy pull requirements.
Last but not least, as the name of the new company is recalling, the Fusiontec activity will not be limited to the well known field of container glass only, but will be covering other areas, such as tableware, glass wool, fiber-glass etc. , wherever the application of Fusion Technology is going to be required.